30 seconds to STOP modern slavery

On Anti-Slavery Day 2019, we ask you to take 30 seconds and join the fight against slavery and trafficking

Friday 18 October is Anti-Slavery Day 2019. Find out what you can do in 30 seconds to help STOP someone being exploited.

Learn about human trafficking

Through learning about human trafficking, we can understand its global and local impact, and the power we as individuals have to make positive change.

Listen to a survivor’s story

Watch this video of Rachel, a survivor of human trafficking. Understanding how human trafficking has impacted lives is vital for informing anti-trafficking efforts.

Rachel is from Namibia, where she was working to support her family, but struggling to make ends meet. When a friend of her cousin offered her a cleaning job in the UK, promising £4,000 per month, it was too good to turn down.

Learn how to spot the signs

Once you understand what human trafficking is, the next step is spotting the signs. Knowing the signs to look out for could help the most vulnerable people within your community.

Download the STOP APP

The STOP APP is a groundbreaking tool that enables you to add to the global picture of human trafficking.

If you spot something that doesn’t look right, you can report it to your local authority or submit a report through the STOP APP. Every report helps to build a picture of trafficking globally, and could save a life.

Support us

Your donations are vital to enabling us to combat human trafficking. Together we'll stop it.


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It’s #antibullyingweek in the UK. Gangs often befriend vulnerable young people before forcing them to sell drugs. #Bullying tactics are used to keep them trapped including #intimidation or #threats against themselves or their families. Learn more https://t.co/4pVHMec7ml #ABW19

Last week Washington DC & NYC #humantrafficking events: @JonesDay with @ibm_in_ireland @STOPTHETRAFFIK @Polaris_Project & more. @JohnRichmond1 highlighted essential 3PS: Prosecution, Protection & Prevention. Also met leaders from politics, civil society & education in DC & #NYC.

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