Prevention Over Cure: A TEDx Talk on Preventing Human Trafficking Through Data and Community


In a powerful and inspiring TEDx talk at the inaugural event in St Albans, Ruth Dearnley OBE, CEO of STOP THE TRAFFIK Group, delivered a compelling message: “We won’t stop trafficking unless we share.” This sentiment, central to her presentation, emphasises the critical role of information and knowledge sharing in addressing the persistent issue of human trafficking.

Ruth’s focus on prevention, rather than simply treating the symptoms of human trafficking, highlights the need for a proactive approach to combat this global crisis. By leveraging a data-led and tech-enabled strategy, she advocates for the creation of powerful networks that can transform insights into action. The ultimate goal is to disrupt the business of human trafficking by making their industry high-risk and low-profit.

A data-led and tech-enabled approach highlights the transformative potential of technology in the fight against human trafficking. Individuals can connect and collaborate using data analytics and technology, creating a collective force that actively works towards preventing and disrupting modern slavery. The power of information and technology is harnessed to build resilient communities that serve as a barrier to traffickers.








The call to action extends beyond individual efforts. Ruth encourages the formation of powerful networks that unite people in their commitment to eradicating human trafficking. These networks become a formidable force in preventing exploitation by fostering collaboration and collective intelligence. The idea is to amplify the impact of individual actions through the strength of a connected and informed community.

Her TEDx talk serves as a catalyst for empowering people with the knowledge and tools needed to actively participate in the fight against human trafficking. By spreading awareness and promoting education, she aims to mobilise advocates dedicated to creating a world where individuals are not bought and sold.

Ruth’s emphasis on prevention, data sharing, and community building provides a roadmap for addressing the root causes of human trafficking. As we share her insights and spread the message, we contribute to the collective effort to #STOPTHETRAFFIK.

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