ACTivate workshop – a great afternoon!

ceo-of-stop-the-traffik-ruth-addresses-the-workshop-attendessThank you so much to everyone who attended our training workshop for Active Communities against Trafficking on Saturday the 15th of May. It was fantastic to see so many people from up and down the country (and Wales!) come to London and get ACTivated! We can’t wait to organise our next workshop so more of you can come along!

Panel Discussion: Serious Organised Crime Agency & The Police

The afternoon got off to a great start with interviews with members of staff from the Serious Organised Crime Agency and the Police. They reinforced how important local communities are in the fight against human trafficking, and shared some inspirational stories about cases where victims have been rescued thanks to the involvement of communities aware of trafficking and prepared to speak up!

Sharing Stories and Advice

A member of a local Safeguarding Children Board encouraged us to get in contact with these council groups that protect children in every borough. Definitely a good tip for our groups! We also heard about how to set up an ACT group. People came up with some great ideas for campaigns. Dicussion also lead to some of the great, amusing and terrible things that can arise from situations of group dynamics! Two of our wonderful regional coordinators shared some tales of ACT groups changing the world from London and Sheffield, and our CEO Ruth inspired with some words of encouragement.

If you were unable to make the day but would like to have someone from STOP THE TRAFFIK run the training day in your community, please let us know.

Thank You!

Thank you so much to everyone involved. We at the STOP THE TRAFFIK office cannot fight human trafficking all on our own! But communities can be reached all over the world by people who are prepared to get involved. We rely on people like yourselves to take our message of freedom to their network, their town, their community, and reach the people there. The training workshop was another important step along the way!

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