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Everyone deserves to grow up without the threat of human trafficking. We want every young person to know what human trafficking is, how they can safeguard themselves and others, and how they can play an active role in disrupting trafficking trends around the world.

If you work with young people and are passionate about actively preventing the buying and selling of people, these resources are for you.

To introduce the issue of human trafficking, assemblies can be the best way to start as they often provide a springboard for the delivery of all the lessons featured here.

Dates for Your Diary

There are a number of international awareness days that can be useful to opening up a discussion amongst young people. For example:

We offer a dedicated lesson plan for Anti-Slavery Day, which can be downloaded here:

4.17 MB ZIP

Staying Safe Lessons

We also have three modules helping to equip young people to know what human trafficking, staying safe in relationships and online. The resources cover:

  • What human trafficking is
  • Human trafficking and healthy relationships
  • Human trafficking and staying safe online

Lesson Plans

We have also created an exciting selection of lesson packs. The development of these lesson plans was funded by Comic Relief and guided by input from young people themselves. Each lesson pack includes:

  • A lesson plan
  • Presentation
  • Student hand-out
  • Suggested follow-on activities

Introduction to human trafficking lesson:

2.10 MB ZIP

Human trafficking and healthy relationships lesson:

3.65 MB ZIP

Human trafficking and staying safe online lesson:

4.68 MB ZIP

Learning to spot the signs

Recognising the signs of human trafficking and modern slavery is central to learning about the issues.

Spot the signs


An awareness resource developed for frontline staff to spot the signs of human trafficking and modern slavery. Brought to you in partnership with the UK Home Office.

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