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There are an estimated 21 million people in modern slavery around the world. What’s more, as global supply chains continue to grow, they become increasingly complex and ever less transparent. This poses risks to businesses.

STOP THE TRAFFIK, in partnership with Finance Against Trafficking, works with clients across a wide variety of industries and sectors to help them understand modern slavery and the risks it poses to their business.

We help businesses understand the phenomenon of modern slavery, to spot the ‘red flags’, to understand the specific ways that they might be vulnerable to modern slavery, and provide guidance on best practice to mitigate the risks.

Awareness Courses

We have provided training to more than 1,500 business staff—from group purchasing teams, human resources personnel, site foremen, and executive leaders –in businesses operating across the globe, from the UK, Europe, Russia, Middle East,  Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Business Risk Analysis

We have partnered with businesses to risk map more than 25,000 suppliers across multiple industries and sectors located across the globe—examining in detail risks deriving from a wide variety of factors—national governance, the regulatory and legal environment, cultural attitudes, business structures, social norms and more.

Ongoing Support



The e-learning packages we have developed as part of our bespoke awareness courses have been used by more than 50,000 employees.

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