Business Risk Analysis

With an estimated 21 million people working in forced labour around the globe, the need for businesses to address their role has never been stronger

What is the risk?

Business can be associated with human trafficking, forced labour and exploitation, both directly and indirectly, and large companies are often implicated unknowingly, as a result of their long and multi-tiered supply chains.

It has become increasingly clear that business plays an integral role in the fights against these crimes.

Global benchmarks principles, coupled with national legislation, are helping to realise goals of addressing human rights violations within the corporate arena. These include:

As legislation becomes more stringent, the risk for businesses that ignore these issues increases.

What we offer

STOP THE TRAFFIK, in partnership with Finance Against Trafficking, offers bespoke courses and global supply chain risk mapping.

When a large company needs to address issues of modern slavery within its supply chains, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin.

Often, supply chains are highly complex, span many countries and it can be difficult to maintain transparency throughout the production process.

Our risk mapping provides a qualitative assessment of modern slavery risk across geographies, commodities and individual suppliers. These are analysed and ranked according to their risk of forced labour, human trafficking and exploitation. This allows companies to target their efforts according to the highest risk suppliers.

Concerned about risks in your supply chain?

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