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Everyone deserves to grow-up without the threat of being trafficked.

We want every young person to know what human trafficking is, how they can safeguard themselves and their friends to empower them to become savvy future consumers to disrupt trafficking trends around the world.

Chaga and The Chocolate Factory

Created for Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2)

Read the story

It’s a story about an African boy named Chaga who is trafficked onto a cocoa plantation. The story was written to help children understand what trafficking is and learn how we can make sure many more real life “Chaga” stories have happier endings.

The story is suitable for reading aloud, for children to read themselves, or for printing and distributing to classes and children’s groups.


Make a Chaga mask

Download the mask template of Chaga to make masks and take a photo of your group/class wearing the mask. Place these pictures with a paragraph of what you learned, in a newsletter, or on your facebook page, or a notice board – so that other children can learn about Chaga too.


Awareness Training

More lesson plans and resources are available on human trafficking.

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