Trafficking in the Chocolate Industry

Understanding the impact of human trafficking on the global chocolate industry

For more information on human trafficking in the chocolate industry, you can download the following reports:

Dark Chocolate Report 2013

Using the Human Trafficking Awareness Index tool from LexisNexis, which measures media coverage, we have analysed how chocolate has been picked up by the media. The report describes the issue of human trafficking on cocoa plantations; shows how cocoa suppliers and chocolate producers have been portrayed in the media; highlights the role consumers have played in changing the chocolate industry and what you can do to ensure change continues.

5.66 MB PDF

Cocoa Barometer 2015

Want to know more about the cocoa industry? The Cocoa Barometer provides an overview of the current sustainability developments in the cocoa sector providing information about the issues facing the cocoa industry, the lives of cocoa farmers, cocoa production and global demand.

The Cocoa Barometer 2015 is a joint initiative by the VOICE Network (STOP THE TRAFFIK, FNV Bondgenoten, Südwind-Institut, Berne Declaration, Oxfam Wereldwinkels, Oxfam Novib), Solidaridad, and Hivos.

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