Global Blanket Campaign

A movement that advocates greater transparency within the fashion industry.

The global fashion industry continues to grow, and with the constant demand for cheap clothes, fashion supply chains are increasingly tainted with the exploitation of workers.  

Whilst progress has been made to create more ethical fashion, a great deal of work remains to be done.

We launched the Global Blanket Campaign to advocate for greater transparency, increased awareness and fairer treatment of workers.

The Campaign

Our Global Blanket Campaign, launched in 2016, is an appeal for greater transparency in fashion supply chains.

We encouraged as many individuals and community groups as possible to get involved, and were overwhelmed by the support we received.

Thousands of people from all over the world sent us their lovingly stitched, glittered, crocheted, embroidered, coloured squares and allowed us to create an amazing digital blanket collage.

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Did you know?

  • When the Rana Plaza factory collapsed in Bangladesh in 2013, 220 retailers pledged to improve their supply chains over five years. Find out who’s still signed up.
  • The fashion industry churns out 52 “micro-seasons” per year, encouraging consumers to constantly update their wardrobes with cheap, fast fashion. When shopping for clothes, consider the ‘cost-per-wear’ of the garment.
  • One in six people work in the global fashion industry. A majority of these workers are women earning less than $3 per day. This needs to change.
  • Garment workers in Bangladesh are at risk of physical and sexual abuse if they attempt to join a union. Workers’ rights abuses are rife: many workers still do not receive fair wages or have the right to refuse unsafe work.
  • Bangladeshi garment workers receive one of the lowest wages in the world, made worse by factory owners denying payment of benefits such as overtime, maternity leave and sick pay.
  • According to the Behind the Barcode report, 91% of companies don’t have full knowledge of where their cotton comes from and 75% don’t know the source of all their fabrics.

What’s Next?

We have now collated all the blanket square and are encouraging you to use this collection of signatures to demand change in the fashion industry using the hashtag #WhoMadeMyClothes.

We want to work with global brands to motivate them to shine a light on their complex supply chains and help them to make ethically-conscious decisions.

Why not host an event to raise awareness of the issue of exploitation in the fashion industry and raise money for this important cause? You can also host a Clothes Swap or a Fashion Show to create a bigger event!

Don’t forget to tag @stopthetraffik with #IWantTraffikFreeFashion across all social media.

Raising Awareness

If you’re interested in hosting fundraising event, be sure to read more about how your support helps us.

How you can help

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