Host a Clothes Swap

Raise awareness of the human cost of our clothes and get a whole new wardrobe!

Consumer demand for fast fashion at an affordable price has created an industry under pressure.

Hosting a clothes swap provides a fun, social way to raise awareness of the risks of human trafficking and modern slavery in fashion supply chains.

It also helps us to think before we shop; do we need as many clothes as we have? Do we end up throwing away large amounts of clothing? What is the human cost to create clothing at such a cheap price?

How to host a clothes swap

It’s easy to host a clothes swap; you just need a few friends and family and some pre-loved clothes! You may also want to create a fundraising opportunity by charging an entrance fee, serving ethical refreshments, holding a silent auction or simply accepting donations; it’s up to ¬†you!

For more information on how to host a clothes swap, download the pack:

2.04 MB ZIP

You may also want to screen the film Sumangali: The Untold Stories to raise further awareness of the deep-rooted issues in the fashion supply chain. This can also be a fantastic opportunity to invite friends, family and colleagues to join the Global Blanket Campaign.

Hosting an event?

If you are holding a clothes swap, we would love to hear from you!

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