Sumangali: The Untold Stories

Created in 2013 by director, Suzanne Kim,  Sumangali: The Untold Stories, tells the story of the thousands of women across India trafficked into the mills of Tamil Nadu.

Deceived with promises of a great job, learning opportunities and a living wage, vulnerable women across India are sold a promise of a better life that will help their families to escape poverty.

The victims of Tamil Nadu asked STOP THE TRAFFIK to share their stories; this is your chance to listen.

How does the ‘Sumangali’ experience affect us?

From Tamil Nadu, the threads these women work with are sold into fashion supply chains around the world, contributing to the production of our clothes.

By watching Sumangali: The Untold Stories, we can begin to learn more about the stories behind our clothes. We can begin to recognise the extensive movement and multiple locations to which our clothes travel before arriving in stores.

Understanding the complexity of the fashion supply chain allows us to address the prevalent issues: the human rights abuses and the labour exploitation that exist at the expense of consumer demand for affordable clothing.

How can you help?

One of the most powerful things you can do is to spread awareness of the human cost of making our clothes.

You can share the full version of Sumangali: The Untold Stories online, or you can bring together a group to view and discuss. Why not host a Clothes Swap or a Global Blanket Campaign event and screen the video then?

You can download a screening pack to help you organise the event.

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