Traffik-free Travel

From visiting friends to job opportunities abroad, everyone wants an adventure. Unfortunately, sometimes these adventures are not as they seem.

Making Travel Traffik-Free

People are trafficked from, to, within and through communities. Traffickers use every form of transport and accommodation to move their victims. By equipping everybody with the tools and resources to recognise and report human trafficking, we can make travel traffik-free.

Aayda’s Story

Aayda was 16 when she ran away from home and arrived, ready for a new adventure, in Kathmandu. She was standing on the side of the road, overwhelmed by the size of the city, when a woman approached her.

The woman asked if Aayda was lost and offered to help; she said she could find her somewhere to sleep but first they should have lunch in a nearby restaurant. Aayda accepted her kind invitation.

The next thing Aayda remembers is waking up, groggy, on a moving bus. She was instructed to go back to sleep and be quiet. Aayda had been drugged. When she finally came around, she was being led into a brothel in Mumbai, where she was forced to work.

It is possible that this story could have been prevented:

  • What if the bus driver knew the signs of trafficking and how to report it?
  • What if somebody at the bus terminal had asked questions about Aayda’s behaviour?
  • What if a fellow passenger had noticed something unusual?

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