Community Impact

Human trafficking starts in vulnerable communities and stops in resilient communities. STOP THE TRAFFIK is committed to helping everybody know more about human trafficking and modern slavery so that they can do more to stop it.

Frontline Professional Training


STOP THE TRAFFIK has delivered awareness raising courses to more than 15,000 frontline professionals, such as social and medical workers. Our training helps individuals to spot the signs and respond to human trafficking and modern slavery in their communities

Young People and Vulnerable Communities


We have worked directly with young people and within vulnerable communities, reaching more than 6500 people. We raise awareness of the issues of human trafficking and modern slavery and empower people to build resilience within communities

Global Movement


We have empowered more than 84 STOP THE TRAFFIK local groups and affiliates around the world to take action in their communities, including raising awareness and providing resources to help others spot the signs

Want to build resilience in your community?

If you want to learn more about our awareness training, local groups or our resources, please get in touch.

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