Your donation is vital to enabling STOP THE TRAFFIK to combat human trafficking

Your donation would support the prevention of human trafficking around the world 

You can make a singe or regular gift to STOP THE TRAFFIK below.

  • A one-off donation to STOP THE TRAFFIK can support our international initiatives to create a world free of trafficking
  • A regular donation is best way to help us achieve our long-term goals for years to come

However way you choose to give, we appreciate you joining us to prevent this international crime.




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Your donation would help our work

  • Develop technology that produces data and intelligence to prevent human trafficking and modern day slavery
  • Run awareness and prevention campaigns for vulnerable communities
  • Empowering businesses to help them understand risk in their supply chains to eliminate potential exploitation within their operations

A donation of:

£10 could help increase the reach of our award-winning preventative campaigns

£100 could continue our work training organisations to be able to better identify and mitigate potential areas of risk and effectively

£150 could support the reaching of refugees and asylum seekers fleeing conflict with advice and support to help them take preventative action when it comes to potential exploitation.

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