Fundraising helps to raise awareness of human trafficking and is an active way to contribute to preventing human trafficking globally. Download your free fundraising pack today!

Getting started

Whether you’re planning to host a bake sale, run a marathon, or throw an event, our fundraising pack offers all the tips you’ll need for success. It is available for free download along with additional materials you may find useful at the bottom of the page. If you’re looking for further advice, feel free to email us at info@stopthetraffik.org. 

A great way to publicise your fundraising efforts is to create an online giving page. Simply visit STOP THE TRAFFIK’s Just Giving page and follow the “Fundraising for us” link to get started.


1. Make it personal

  • Add a photo to your page.
  • Make sure you personalise your fundraising page as much as possible. People are more likely to donate if they know a bit about you, STOP THE TRAFFIK and the reasons behind your fundraising efforts.
  • Set a fundraising target to help encourage support – the closer you get to your goal it may well inspire people to give a little extra!
  • Write a blog, especially if you’re training for an event. Keeping supporters updated gives them an insight into how much time and effort you’re investing into fundraising and could even inspire new donations.

2. Show supporters where their money is going

Let your supporters know about the crucial work at STOP THE TRAFFIK that you are raising money for. Here’s some information about where your money will go that you could include on your page:

Human trafficking is a $150 billion global business. It is both low risk and high profit for criminals and it is happening every day across the UK, affecting thousands of men, women and children. The heinous crime is hidden in plain sight across supply chains, financial institutions and where we live and work.

Through the collection and sharing of information, STT’s intelligence-led prevention approach aims to build a global picture of hotspots and trends, to empower individuals, organisations and agencies to make more informed and better choices, to signpost them to safe places to get help and support and to encourage appropriate response and reporting. By shining a light on this hidden crime, we can change the environment and increase the risk to the trafficker and the safety of the vulnerable.

3. Spread the word

  • Start by sending the page to your friends and family to let them know what you’re doing – then if you feel comfortable share with your wider friendship group on social media and email.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask more than once – people don’t always get around to doing something the first time they’ve been asked and more often than not have just forgotten.

4. Say thank you

  • Thank those that have donated already publicly. This can act as a reminder to those who may have forgotten to donate yet as well as being a nice gesture to the supporter.
  • Any donation amount given to help fight human trafficking is money we did not have, so please do thank everyone who has supported you!
  • All donations are gratefully appreciated and will help us to continue our work to prevent trafficking worldwide – so please say a massive thank you to yourself.

If you do not want to create an online fundraising page, don’t worry! You can download our branded sponsorship form to use as you please at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for choosing to support STOP THE TRAFFIK, we wish you the best of luck with your fundraising aspirations.

Good luck!



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