Modern Slavery continues during COVID-19

Exploitation is on the rise as a direct result of the virus.

As COVID-19 puts the world into lockdown, it also places the most vulnerable members of society at risk.

With people feeling uncertain about the future, traffickers are seizing the opportunity to take advantage of their anxieties. We are already seeing reports of an increase in labour exploitation.

For those already trapped in modern slavery, they are more vulnerable than ever. They risk further exploitation, debt bondage, homelessness, poverty and untreated ill health. At this time, we cannot forget them and need to scale our activities more than ever.

Coronavirus won’t stop modern slavery, but with your help, we can. Donate today to help stop this, for good.




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We are already taking action against the impacts of Coronavirus. Last week we launched a campaign getting essential workers’ rights information to those who need it most.

Modern slavery behind closed doors

Rachel’s story

Domestic servitude is when live-in help which becomes an exploitative situation. This can involve restrictions on their movement, long hours for little or no pay and physical and emotional abuse.

Rachel was brought to the UK from Namibia after being falsely promised well-paid domestic work. She worked 12 hours a day, everyday, for four months before she received any money at all. During this time she also endured daily emotional and physical abuse.

In the midst of Coronavirus, women like her will be forced to work even longer hours – maybe while ill or when they should be self-isolating.

Our approach

At STOP THE TRAFFIK, we are working globally to prevent human trafficking. We develop and implement intelligence-led campaigns that identify human trafficking trends and hotspots. In partnership with Facebook, local law enforcement, government, financial institutions and rescue organisations we run geo-targeted campaigns. So far, we’ve reached 6 million people.

In the midst of Coronavirus, we need your financial support to accelerate our work right now.

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Your donations are vital to enabling us to combat human trafficking. Together we'll stop it.

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