Measuring our impact as we prevent the hidden crime of human trafficking  

Our mission is to undermine the business of trafficking and improve the safety and choice of those targeted. We measure our results by analysing our impact: the people reached, the awareness raised, the resilience built, and the behaviour changed. Take a look at how we do it and find out some of our greatest achievements so far and read our 2020-21 Impact Report here:    


How We Work

  • We are creating the most granular global human trafficking database, incorporating multi-sector partner and open source data into our own dataset and are always looking to add to our existing database of over over 68,000 records
  • We are analysing this global data to identify hotspots and trends that drive STOP THE TRAFFIK’s campaign activity and intelligence-led approach.



Our Campaigns

We deliver awareness-raising campaigns, targeted to the people who need them most, in numerous languages and across continents.

With these campaigns, we aim to tackle recruitment, as the global crime of human trafficking recruits ≃ 8 million people annually.



Businesses and the Fight Against Trafficking

Traffickers are making in excess of $240 billion in profit per year.

We reduce the demand by our engagement with business to eradicate exploitation from their supply chains. We offer bespoke solutions that enable businesses to assess and manage the risk of modern slavery – thus protecting both their direct employees and throughout the supply chain.

We disrupt the ability for money to flow by delivering critical information to financial institutions to enable them to identify and tackle trafficking activity. We partner with them to address the risk of modern slavery in their operations, supply chains, and customers, highlighting the unique position banks are in to disrupt human trafficking.

Evaluating our Model



Disrupting human trafficking

We asked independent evaluators to look at our model to help us show how we are disrupting trafficking.

They show how effective our model is, in a substantial level of detail, and determine with conviction how our interventions disrupt the business of human trafficking.

Related Work

Explore our impact and take a look at recent case studies and campaign evaluation reports below.

  • Harnessing the power of social media: digital disruption of human trafficking in Lithuanian communities

    A visual report by Humankind Research showing everything we’ve learned from delivering social media campaigns to the Lithuanian community in Lithuania and the UK. This report is presented in both English and Lithuanian languages.

    Read the full report
    970.13 KB pdf
  • An external evaluation of our awareness-raising campaign in Lithuania and Lincolnshire, UK. The research was undertaken by Humankind Research.

    Read the Full Report
    2.13 MB pdf
  • Our 2017-2018 Annual Report outlines some of our biggest achievements during this time.

  • Our 2019-2020 Annual Report outlines some of our biggest achievements during this time.

    13.67 MB pdf

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