Measuring Change and Impact

Our model delivers 360°, systemic prevention of MSHT. We know that because we rigorously measure it.

Monitoring, evaluation and learning is firmly embedded within each of STOP THE TRAFFIK’s operating arms; measuring impact with honesty, integrity and vigour.

Approach to Impact

STOP THE TRAFFIK has a strong, outcome-oriented approach to our prevention model.

Dissecting our shortfalls is just as valuable as analysing our triumphs. Each setback informs and enhances the breakthroughs that follow it, and with this understanding, we continually ask at every stage: So what?

When a strategy falls flat, a survey garners surprising results or a campaign goes viral, we ask ‘So what?’ at every stage. Only by understanding the implication of changes in behaviour can we move from reacting to preventing.


Our MEL Framework

In partnership with a MEL specialist funded by Comic Relief, we were able to strengthen and formalize our MEL framework and structures alongside funding a full independent evaluation of our model.

Custom to our values, model, and strategy we developed our STOP THE TRAFFIK Theory of Change, the conceptual basis of every project.

Click here to read our Impact Evaluation 2019


Quantifying Outcomes

We know that project delivery isn’t an end in and of itself. Our rigorous MEL framework helps us measure how far our mission to radically share information leads to quantifiable preventative action taken.

At the start of every project or service, we develop a framework outlining the intended goals, indicators of that, the means of verification, the risks, and assumptions. Dependent on the context we rely on tools including:

  • A/B testing
  • Targeted, digital surveys
  • Partner reporting
  • Outcome notes
  • Focus groups
  • Independent external evaluation
  • Quarterly MEL reviews for every project/service
  • Internal analysis, reporting, and learning at the close of every project

Additionally, we work with specialists independent evaluators  to support and review our monitoring systems for our most complex projects.

These extensive efforts protect us against ever becoming complacent. MSHT is a constantly evolving crime and we are determined to keep up. By centering MEL across our work, we are ensuring the most effective strategy to systemically disrupt human trafficking at every level.


If you would like to see how we report on our work, read our impact reports here or our project reports here.

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