Intelligence-Led Prevention

Identifying how and where human trafficking is taking place to generate global, systemic disruption

Human trafficking and modern slavery are hidden crimes. Through intelligence-led prevention, we are shining a light in dark places to uncover this illicit activity and disrupt it at its source.

Why be Intelligence-Led?

One of the greatest obstacles to disrupting human trafficking and modern slavery is the lack of intelligence into the inner workings, the back-stories and the networks, which build the real-time picture of what is taking place.

We need an accurate and analysed global perspective, which can only happen with the coordinated gathering and sharing of data.

If we understand how and where human trafficking is taking place, we can prevent it.

Our Approach

The first step to building this global perspective, is to empower everybody in the world to understand what human trafficking looks like and how to take action.

Therefore, we have developed resources and tools, such as our Spot the Signs guide and the STOP APP, to enable people to recognise signs in their community and to share what they see.

We have also developed the Centre for Intelligence-Led Prevention (CfILP) to collect global stories, connect them and build a rich picture of human trafficking hotspots and trends.

Our work becomes truly intelligence-led when we share what we know. By working with global and local partners, we are building resilience within vulnerable communities.

We are committed to this approach because we know that it is only through global collaboration, across all sectors of society, that we will STOP THE TRAFFIK.

Help us be intelligence-led

If you have seen or heard anything suspicious, you can share information about human trafficking and modern slavery with us.

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