Intelligence-Led Prevention:

The Centre for Intelligence-Led Prevention

The Centre for Intelligence-Led Prevention (CfILP) sits at the heart of STOP THE TRAFFIK. Developed in close partnership with technology leaders and intelligence specialists, the CfILP collects and analyses vast quantities of data and builds intelligence on human trafficking and modern slavery hotspots and trends on a global scale. This intelligence is then shared directly with vulnerable communities.      

How It Works


Collect illustration showing information and incidents being reported to STOP THE TRAFFIK

The CfILP collects global real-time trafficking and modern slavery data from numerous sources. These include:

  • The STOP APP
  • Partner Data
  • Open Source Intelligence
  • Community Intelligence


Analyse illustration showing data being looked at under a magnifying glass

This broad range of data is fed into a database, hosted securely in the cloud, and analysed by our team of highly-trained intelligence and analytical specialists, with expertise in law enforcement, human intelligence and anti-money laundering.

Using state-of-the-art big data analytical tools – utilised globally by the most advanced law enforcement and intelligence services – we build a richer picture of where and how modern slavery and human trafficking is taking place.


share illustration showing information being broadcast by STOP THE TRAFFIK to organisations and communities

We know that intelligence becomes much more powerful when it is shared. Therefore, as we identify hotspots, we publish our intelligence and feedback our findings directly to individuals and organisations within communities.

Harnessing this knowledge, we hope to empower communities to generate targeted action on the ground, in order to build resilience to these crimes. As this action grows, we will generate systemic disruption of human trafficking and modern slavery on a global scale.

You can help us by sharing what you know online or on the STOP APP.

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