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Human trafficking starts in vulnerable communities and stops in resilient communities. Building resilience starts with you. Choose a community action from the list below. Click the Download Resource button for activity resources.

1. Community Meeting

What is human trafficking? Where does it happen in your community? Why does it happen? What changes could you make in your community to allow those being trafficked to make different choices? Do you know anyone that might be involved? Why are they doing it?

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2. Hold a Quiz

Ask your local church or village hall to lend you their communal space for one evening. Source some drinks and snacks to share on the evening. Follow our How to guide for more tips on a successful quiz.

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3. Join Community Action Facebook group

Laptop mockup of Nigeria campaign Traffik Free Future Facebook groupHuman trafficking is happening all over the world. Join the Community Action Facebook group and share ideas, resources and activities with people just like you working to end trafficking in their communities, from Nigeria to Italy.

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Help Us Prevent Human Trafficking

STOP THE TRAFFIK is building intelligence on global human trafficking activity to help combat this issue. If you have seen anything suspicious, you can share it on our online form, safely and securely.

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"1 in 5 victims report having come into contact with healthcare services during the time they were being trafficked"- 2016 Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Kevin Hyland.

We're speaking at #NHSsafeguarding conference about the role of the #NHS in preventing #ModernSlavery

We received 418 reports of potential exploitation of workers in the food industry in 2018. That includes those working in pubs, hotels, restaurants and takeaways. Popping out for a bite to eat this week? Keep your eyes peeled for signs of exploitation and call us on 0800 432 0804

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