Is Livingstone a Hotspot for Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is happening around the world, but would you recognise it in your community? If you see or hear anything suspicious, it is essential that you report it the relevant authorities.

STOP THE TRAFFIK’s Centre for Intelligence-Led Prevention (CfILP) has identified Livingstone, Zambia a potential hotspot for human trafficking, with Uganda, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan all highlighted as source countries.

The intelligence suggests that people are enticed from this region with false promises of employment, with the reality being that they are held in forced labour and child labour, through deception.

Mutukula, Namanga, Isibania and Taveta have been identified as potential crossing points to the borders of Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Malawi, with traffickers transporting their victims in trucks.

They are then thought to cross the border of Zambia at specific points, including Nakonde, Kasumbalesa and Chitipa, until they reach Livingstone. Here, victims are kept in guest houses on the outskirts of the town, while they wait to cross the border.

From this point, traffickers potentially transport their victims in trucks across the border at Victoria Falls, Namafulo and Kazungula into Zimbabwe and Botswana.

Ultimately, it is inferred from the intelligence that people are trafficked into several cities throughout South Africa, including Limpopo, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Kwazulu-Natal and Cape Town.

The intelligence indicates that, throughout these routes, traffickers use a number of methods to maintain control over their victims, such as physical abuse, starvation, financial dependence, threats to family and the confiscation of documents.

You can also share information with us via the STOP APP on Google Play or the App Store, and share your story. All information is important and may be part of a bigger picture.

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