International Data Hub to Combat Human Trafficking

On #AntiSlaveryDay, along with long standing partner IBM, STOP THE TRAFFIK has officially unveiled the International Data Hub to Combat Human Trafficking. STOP THE TRAFFIK has teamed up with key, multi-sector partners; IBM, Western Union, Barclays, Lloyd’s Banking Group, Liberty Global, Europol and University College London to tackle ‘one of the most pressing social issues of our time’. 

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The Traffik Analysis Data Hub facilitates the exchange of human trafficking information, allowing a multi-agency, intelligence-led approach to preventing human trafficking globally.  

Slavery did not disappear when it was abolished two centuries ago. Instead it was forced underground, in the shadows of our communities, hidden from view. The recent rise of the internet and technology have made it easy for traffickers to recruit and exploit. The international data hub is an innovative and technical approach to the issue, using the most advanced technology available to disrupt and ultimately see an end to the $150 billion industry. 

Financial institutions, business, tech companies, law enforcement and NGOs all play an important role, bringing together their experience and resource for effective change. It doesn’t stop there though. We need you to join us.


We need you to Learn about human trafficking & modern slavery, Know how to spot the signs of trafficking and know how to Respond if you see a sign or something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

We also need you to Raise Awareness with those in your sphere of influence, Share what you see with us and Support us by donating, fundraising or volunteering. 


It is only together that we will STOP THE TRAFFIK.


Read the full article on IBMs online newsroom.

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