Greater Manchester homelessness and exploitation report

Today (14 November 2019) we release our Greater Manchester Homelessness and Exploitation report.

The research shines a light on alarming vulnerabilities of the homeless community, including rough sleepers, to human trafficking modern slavery.

The survey sought to establish what homeless people in Greater Manchester experience or witness with regards to being targeted for exploitation.

Of the 180 homeless people surveyed across Greater Manchester:

  • 24% had not been paid wages that were promised
  • 17% had known someone to go missing after taking up an offer of work
  • 29% had experienced being offered food, accommodation, drugs or alcohol in return for work
  • A further 32% had witnessed or heard it happening to someone else
  • 21% had concerns over how safe or genuine job offers were
  • 22% had warned someone or been warned not to take a job offer from particular groups or people

“The findings of this survey are striking and extremely troubling. We hope the report helps to increase the level of awareness around exploitation, modern slavery and human trafficking within the homeless community, and more widely with the British public.

“Intelligence is vital if we are to effectively and comprehensively tackle human trafficking; the exploitation of homeless people in the UK is no exception.”

– Ruth Dearnley, Chief Executive Officer at STOP THE TRAFFIK

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You can download the report here:

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Or hit the button below to download the executive summary:

Our partners in Greater Manchester

A project like this would have been impossible without the partnerships we have made across Greater Manchester. We are grateful for all the organisations who provided advice and support in our planning and who facilitated the dissemination of the survey amongst the communities they support. Above all, we would like to thank all those individuals that shared their time and experience to complete the survey.

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