I’m a Community Group

Community groups, by acting as a trusted safe space, and building a network with and for engaged individuals, have a key role to play in preventing and remedying trafficking.

Disrupting human trafficking globally means collaborating with organisations both across borders and within local communities. Whatever kind of community support you offer, you have the ability to change the perception, knowledge, and behaviour of those around you and keep them safe from exploitation.

We often work with community groups to best deliver our safety messages and build resilience. By working on the ground to support members of the public with common interests, community groups have a position of trust like no other.

Their closeness and insights into the people we try to reach play an active role in the creation of our bespoke campaign materials and our response when safeguarding cases arise. We also value the ability of community groups and their leaders to get our message out to those who need it, by sharing our web pages, flyers, or simply by word of mouth. We collaborate on community events to reach those who are not on social media and build connections with support services.

Ultimately, community groups help us work with communities, not at communities.

Join the movement. Contact us at [email protected].

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