I’m a Financial Institution

Financial institutions, with their global positioning and knowledge of financial crime, have a unique angle in which they can prevent traffickers operating and have the ability to reach millions who use their branches and services daily.

Every day, traffickers are transferring the proceeds of their crime through legitimate financial systems. We believe that by analysing financial crime data, we can identify trafficking globally and disrupt traffickers’ money flows.

STOP THE TRAFFIK and Traffik Analysis Hub work with numerous financial institutions to block traffickers’ ability to move their profits around. We do this by analysing financial crime data shared with us by these institutions and building a clearer picture of trafficking transactions.

Bank of Ireland, Scotia Bank and Western Union are part of the Traffik Analysis Hub, a collaborative data-sharing platform designed to counter trafficking. Based on the intelligence we receive and the patterns identified, we produce financial red flag typologies of exploitation. By better equipping financial institutions to spot transactional red flags, we enable them to identify risk profiles of suppliers, banks, pension schemes and customers and ultimately beat traffickers.

Financial institutions can truly be disruptive by taking that extra step and taking due diligence beyond compliance. To find out more about how we can partner with you, download our brochure.

Interested in partnering with us to manage the risk of modern slavery in your organisation? Contact our business team at [email protected].

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