I’m a Funder

Funding from charitable trusts and foundations is vitally important to STOP THE TRAFFIK, enabling us to build communities that are resilient to human trafficking and modern slavery.

At STOP THE TRAFFIK, donations help us strengthen our prevention work by funding our intelligence systems, safety campaigns, and business consultancy services.

Funding enables us to:

  • Develop technology that produces data and intelligence to prevent human trafficking and modern-day slavery
  • Run awareness and prevention campaigns for vulnerable communities
  • Empower businesses to help them understand risk in their supply chains to eliminate potential exploitation within their operations

There are a few different ways to donate and fundraise. See which one is right for you by clicking here.

However way you choose to give, we appreciate you joining us to prevent this international crime.

If you need help with making a donation or would like more information about donations in general, contact us at [email protected].

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