I’m an NGO

NGOs, by providing services to communities that support those who are trafficked, play a crucial role in both prevention and safeguarding.

The collective knowledge of human trafficking as experienced by survivors and those on the front line helping them is crucial in informing our preventative strategies against trafficking. Additionally, NGO’s support and rehabilitation services are central to keeping vulnerable communities safe and integrated within society.

We believe in building trusted and collaborative relationships with NGOs working to support vulnerable individuals. We partner with NGOs in a variety of different ways, including data sharing, collaboration on awareness campaigns and community resilience.

Our geo-targeted awareness campaigns in communities susceptible to trafficking, reaching millions of people each year, are possible thanks to our collaboration with partners with a key presence within each community. NGOs play a key role in shaping the content of our campaigns through their knowledge and survivor testimonies, creating frontline and survivor-led prevention responses with us.

This collaboration also enables us to mutually take the appropriate action to remove individuals from exploitative situations when they contact us during our campaigns. The provision of education, job opportunities, healthcare, housing, and community support to those at risk builds community resilience from the ground up.

Our approach is to work with communities, not at communities.

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