I’m a Faith Group

Faith networks connect across borders and form global networks creating influence and leadership for change

Faith communities are formed and thrive around a common commitment, trust, and service. Faith groups are local, serving across their community often focused on those in most need. Faith leaders are called to create safe spaces and bring change.

STOP THE TRAFFIK is committed to working with faith partners to build resilient communities. A resilient community is where the risks are high and profits are low for those who are committed to exploiting the vulnerable.

You can’t stop what you can’t see

STOP THE TRAFFIK has combined the power of technology together with the unique power of people and trusted relationships to create a groundbreaking capability that we can all be part of.

We collect stories of trafficking and bring them into a safe secure global platform which we call a data hub, Traffik Analysis Hub. We can bring together very different types of data and by using different analytical tools we can create a picture of what trafficking looks like where we live. Where are people travelling from? How much are they being paid? Are there patterns and hotspots that we can target?

We begin to see the routes that people are travelling along. We begin to see how the money, the profits of trafficking, is being moved between financial organisations and customers around the world and we can see the supply chains and pipelines that are infiltrated by traffickers in the production of products which we all buy, use and demand.

All this information helps us see what we couldn’t see if we just stayed looking at our view at street level.

Building trust

People will share their stories with those who they trust. Faith leaders are often those whose work is to know who is in need and are actively working across the community with partners creating safe spaces

Collecting Stories

Faith communities are often the eyes and ears of a community. They are places where people will search for someone they can trust and share their story, their journey. Faith leaders can create a safe place for stories to be shared and be a trusted place to receive information. We provide safe ways to share stories.

Taking Action

Faith communities are often a centre of taking action. Members of the faith community can become centres of training and lead action within their local environment reaching those who are at risk. Faith communities can share insight and information in a safe space opening the possibilities of making different choices and finding hope.

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