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Good government protects the social, economic and political rights of its citizens.

Good national governance recognises the essential interdependency of the national governments with global governance, working together for the sustainability and flourishing of the world’s citizens. The global business of trafficking and all forms of exploitation is a thriving economy that involves all sectors and people networks, the proactive use of technology producing growing large-scale profits causing devastation for millions of human beings.

STOP THE TRAFFIK has built the capability to disrupt trafficking by undermining the critical levers on which the criminality thrives.

Traffickers rely on the ability to recruit the numbers of people to satisfy and sustain the level of demand and be able to efficiently move the profits through financial markets.

That is why we can only effectively disrupt and prevent this criminal business by frustrating their ability to recruit and reducing demand and profit.

We can only achieve this by using an intelligence led approach which collects, analyses information and shares insights with every actor who can turn insight to action

STT approach takes the view that it is only when we see the reliance of protecting people and planet, the impacts of climate, migration and all forms of exploitation that we fully appreciate the power of a data led, tech enabled model of working. We are building a federated global approach with extensive use of digital communications platforms bringing targeted, hyperlocal messaging at scale. The goal to build communities that are high risk and low profit to traffickers.

How we plan to achieve this

Being intelligence led: Creation of insight to feed targeted action and future policy to prevent and disrupt trafficking. We can’t stop what we can’t see. We need to share what we know to create the richest real time picture of how trafficking is operating so we can all reach our potential in our role to stop it.

Find out more about our leading global technology platform to disrupt trafficking: Traffik Analysis Hub.


Create resilient communities: Generating unique prevention programmes along routes and hotspots to disrupt recruitment of vulnerable people at scale. Communities are best placed to work together to bring safety, hope and choice to their own.


Pioneering business leadership: Business stretches across borders and engages with all 3 pillars of trafficking; the need to recruit, the need to create and satisfy demand, the extensive networks that move products, people and money. They hold unique immense potential to disrupt trafficking by addressing all areas of risk and preventing exploiters infiltrate their business

Find out more about how we work with business by clicking here.


Starve the criminal economy: Every financial institution needs to play a critical role in exposing and removing the money across the financial systems making criminal economy transparent. This will involve enforcers, judiciary and legal systems but to prevent will require every sector to engage where money touches the system.

Financial consultancy and TAHub  LINK


Policy creation relies on the best research and understanding of the challenges a government is seeking to overcome.

The best research occurs when it is coordinated and built from the richest understanding of what is happening across this complex crime.

Our approach demands that we will only achieve this if we share what we know, coordinate and collaborate what we do and be transparent and about what is changing.

Government is a key player to be part of that change. Contact us at [email protected].

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