I’m Law Enforcement

Global, regional and local law enforcement and the justice process have a key role to play in every aspect of preventing human trafficking

Safeguarding vulnerable individuals is our priority. STOP THE TRAFFIK’s operating model is to identify communities where traffickers recruit or exploit victims and then work in partnership with law enforcement and a range of civil society groups to empower victims and the community and remove traffickers’ ability to operate.  

STOP THE TRAFFIK has identified that human trafficking is massively reliant on trafficker ability to recruit up to 8 million new victims a year from every nation across the world, to create and maintain a level of demand for the ‘work’ the victims can do and to profit from this.  

At this moment, it is far too easy for traffickers to achieve this without much chance of sanction. The NGO community and STOP THE TRAFFIK must increasingly appropriately co-operate with law enforcement to change the sense of risk for traffickers. We will fiercely protect victims but work tirelessly for more, and more effective investigations and more safeguarding opportunities.  

STOP THE TRAFFIK will offer its expertise and ingenuity to aid the practice and its sister organisation, Traffik Analysis Hub,  is a free key resource for Interpol and other law enforcement bodies.

Increased co-operation between law enforcement and civil society groups is essential to reducing the opportunity for trafficking and exploitation to thrive. STOP THE TRAFFIK can help, wherever you are. Contact us at [email protected]

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