Project Fair Life Report

We’re pleased to announce that our Project Fair Life report is now available to download on the STOP THE TRAFFIK website here.

Project Fair Life was a two-pronged project aimed at preventing labour exploitation in the food and agriculture industry in the UK. One aspect was a social media campaign geo-targeting at-risk communities, and one was a secure data-sharing platform for the Modern Slavery Intelligence Network (MSIN), a collaboration of retailers and suppliers.

The project built upon intelligence gathered from our own Traffik Analysis Hub, open source research interviews with MSIN members, frontline NGOs, survivors of exploitation and a previous STOP THE TRAFFIK campaign with Lithuanian communities in the UK.

The data revealed that a large number of Romanian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian speakers are at risk of being exploited in the food and agriculture sector in the UK, including specifically in the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Scheme.

Encouragingly, having watched the video we produced as part of our social media campaign, 51% of survey respondents from the target community learned that there were support organisations available to help, and 25% realised that they or someone they knew, that been in an exploitative or fraudulent situation.

Additionally, a female Romanian national told us it was the first time she saw her rights in the UK in her own language, which is a great testament to the campaign’s success and demonstrates the value of translating safety information.

In the two months of the MSIN database being live, 17 accurate and unique pieces of intelligence were shared. We were also able to submit three cases of suspected labour exploitation to law enforcement based on intelligence received during the project.

Finally, labour providers expressed an interest in a similar data-sharing platform for themselves, indicating the potential to further disrupt the business model of traffickers.

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