Resilience Building

Working with global and local partners to build communities that are high-risk and low-reward to human traffickers

As we build intelligence on the hotspots, trends and routes of human trafficking, we uncover vulnerable communities in every corner of the world. What’s more, it is often happening in plain sight.

How do we build resilience?

Principally, we shine a light on how and where trafficking networks are operating and share what we know with those who are strategically placed to take action.

Vital to our approach is collaboration with our rich partner network. We understand that every community is different and, consequently, each requires a unique, bespoke response.

Working closely with those on the ground in vulnerable communities, we are able to harness our global knowledge and connections to create locally-led, targeted initiatives.

The four core pillars to building resilience are:

  • Awareness and sensitisation: with a greater understanding of the issues within their community, our aim is to help individuals and organisations make better informed decisions, which can help to prevent human trafficking activity
  • Tools and resources: providing essential tools, such as the STOP APP, that help people to spot the signs and take action, empowers every member of a community to play a part in driving out vulnerabilities
  • Mobilisation: by sharing what we know with key influencers within communities, we hope to create systemic disruption of criminal activity; working with financial institutions, businesses, law enforcement, NGOs and government, we make it increasingly difficult for traffickers to operate
  • Alternative choices: as we identify those that are most vulnerable within communities, we share this information with partners on the ground to help them create viable options for those at risk and for those that may be unaware of the role they play within human trafficking supply chains

Build resilience in your community

If you are interested in working with us or would like more information on what you can do in your community, get in touch.

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