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We are delighted that you want to raise awareness of human trafficking.

Raising awareness is essential in the disruption and prevention of human trafficking. It enables people to know what human trafficking is, be able to spot the signs in their communities and work places and to know how to respond appropriately. It can even encourage victims seek help and support. Thank you for supporting the fight against human trafficking.

Getting started

There are many forms of exploitation into which people can be trafficked and held in slavery. These crimes are happening in every corner of the world and can happen to any person, regardless of age, socio-economic background or location. As a result, each case can look very different.

We have created materials that will help you be informed and also raise awareness of the most common forms of human trafficking and modern slavery.

These resources range from general leaflets and posters, to specific presentations on human trafficking and targeted spot the signs materials. These should help assist you in what ever you choose to do for your awareness raising initiative.

An introduction to human trafficking

STOP THE TRAFFIK has created a number of materials to be used for general distribution. These are designed to outline the scale of the issue whilst providing the reader with usable information that could help them prevent modern slavery with in their own community. We have also produced a leaflet which is more focused on STOP THE TRAFFIK and our work and impact around the globe.

These resources are free to download and we encourage you to use them for your fundraising or awareness raising efforts.

What is human trafficking

STOP THE TRAFFIK has created an overview presentation about human trafficking, designed to: engage, educate and inspire your audience. Quizzes and activities help to keep the audience interactive no matter if they are students, friends, colleagues or family. It is an ideal introduction into what human trafficking is, outlining its prevalence in the UK and what to do if you suspect a case of modern slavery.

Resources for Children (11-14 years)

The nature of human trafficking means that we often avoid talking to children about it. It can be frightening and uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be. At STOP THE TRAFFIK, we very much believe that the first step to preventing human trafficking is knowing about it – how to #SpotTheSigns, where to report your concerns, and what the different kinds of exploitation are. Knowing this information can help protect children from exploitation, and encourage feelings of empathy and understanding towards others. Download our free ‘What is Human Trafficking’ resource today and use interactively in class or at home.

Spot the Signs

The first step to stop the traffik is to spot it. Understanding the signs to look out for could help the most vulnerable people within your community. STOP THE TRAFFIK recognises that modern slavery can take a number of different forms, each with their own specific indicators.

We have created leaflets and posters that will help you raise awareness of the most common signs of exploitation. The downloadable posters and leaflets also can help individuals who may be victims of trafficking and signpost them to organisations in the UK for help and support. Each poster and leaflet below has been created in a number of different languages.

Spot the signs - Posters & Leaflets

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