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Young men are being deceived into exploitative labour practices. STOP THE TRAFFIK is working to help those vulnerable to being trafficked know how to spot the signs, make informed decisions and change the course of their future for the better. Donate today to help STOP this.



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The issue

More than half the victims of trafficking for forced labour are men.* Common exploitative industries include agriculture, warehouse and distribution, manufacturing and food processing – sectors that require shift work and can hire through agencies that offer zero-hour contracts. It’s a lucrative business that forces many to work 40-60 hour weeks with overtime and night shifts**, often for below the living wage. Workers are manipulated into accepting unfair terms under false claims, with a significant proportion of recruitment occurring online from abroad. In some instances, victims unwittingly approach the exploiter, in a reverse to more traditional methods.

Forced Labour affects millions globally. We have the opportunity to change the course of an individual’s future by helping young men make more informed decisions, and supporting communities to spot the signs.

Learn to spot the signs

Young men are being forced into gruelling labour practices, where it can feel like there’s no end in sight. By spotting the signs you can help change the course of an individual’s future.

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Our approach

At STOP THE TRAFFIK, we are working globally to prevent human trafficking. We develop and implement intelligence-led training and campaigns that identify human trafficking trends and hotspots. In partnership with Facebook, local law enforcement, government, financial institutions and rescue organisations we run geo-targeted awareness-raising campaigns in known hotspots, which have so far reached nearly 6 million people.

Donate today to help reach the next 6 million people, by empowering individuals and communities around the world to become more resilient to human trafficking.


*UNODC Global Report for Trafficking in Persons, 2018

**  The Nature and Scale of Labour Exploitation across all Sectors within the United Kingdom, Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority, 2018

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