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Help us tell Matt’s story differently, and help those vulnerable to being trafficked

Please support our appeal to prevent children and young people from being trafficked this summer

Over the summer many of us travel through airports and hotels, both of which are key locations where you might spot the telltale signs of human trafficking. STOP THE TRAFFIK is working to help those vulnerable to being trafficked know how to spot the signs, make informed decisions and change the course of their future for the better. Donate today to help STOP this.



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The issue

Worldwide, it’s thought 20% of trafficking victims are children*, who are commonly exploited for someone else’s gain. Coerced by adults, children can be separated from one or both of their parents, forced into labour, commercial sex work, marriage or armed conflict. Many of these children will be transported overseas to work, lured by false promises of education or a better life. The reality could not be further from the truth. Denied access to a proper childhood, many children will not have the opportunity to go to school, and often grow up to be unskilled adults trapped in poorly paid jobs.** Held in poor living conditions without enough food, shelter or clothing, victims face physical as well as psychological abuse.

We have the opportunity of changing the course of an individual’s future by helping victims and their families make better informed decisions, and supporting communities to spot the signs.

Learn to spot the signs while travelling

Children are being used by others for profit. By spotting the signs in airports or while you’re on holiday, you can help change the course of someone’s future.

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Our approach

At STOP THE TRAFFIK, we are working globally to prevent human trafficking. We develop and implement intelligence-led training and campaigns that identify human trafficking trends and hotspots. In partnership with Facebook, local law enforcement, government, financial institutions and rescue organisations we run geo-targeted awareness-raising campaigns in known hotspots, which have so far reached nearly 6 million people.

Donate today to help reach the next 6 million people, by empowering individuals and communities around the world to become more resilient to human trafficking.


*UNODC Global Report on Trafficking in Persons, 2018

** Antislavery.org 

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Your donations are vital to enabling us to combat human trafficking. Together we'll stop it.

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