STOP THE TRAFFIK Global and STOP THE TRAFFIK Australia joint statement

STOP THE TRAFFIK was founded in 2005 as a global coalition by Oasis UK and became an independent global charity in 2007.

STOP THE TRAFFIK Australia began in 2007 as a joint project between World Vision Australia and the Salvation Army, and became a legal entity in 2012.

Both organisations are legally independent.

STOP THE TRAFFIK Australia and STOP THE TRAFFIK Global are committed to working in collaboration with others in order to ensure our vision of a world free from modern day slavery.

However, both organisations acknowledge that since 2015 they have had different strategic priorities, whilst sharing the same values.

In order to ensure maximum time, resources and supporter funding is spent on achieving the core mission of eradicating slavery, and to avoid understandable confusion between the operations of the two organisations, both organisations agree that the best way to do this is for each to operate completely independently of the other.

To recognise this, STOP THE TRAFFIK Australia will, in due course, change its public brand.

Both organisations remain committed to achieving their shared vision and values and therefore remain open to collaboration with each other and the wider civil society movement.

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