Spot the Signs : Child Trafficking

Spot the signs and change someone’s future

Human trafficking is the movement or recruitment of people, through deception or coercion, for the purpose of exploitation. By spotting the signs you can help change the course of someone’s future.

Spot the Signs in an airport or on holiday

Sexual exploitation illustration showing neon sign and cashMany child victims of human trafficking are reeled in by false promises of education or a better life. A child may be trafficked for labour purposes, commercial sex work, forced marriage or armed conflict. Through violence, abuse and threat, children face an upheaval that could detrimentally affect their lives forever.


Signs to look out for in an airport or on holiday if the person:

  • is dressed inappropriately for the travel destination
  • is carrying very little luggage or no luggage at all
  • is travelling with someone dressed more appropriately for the destination
  • shows signs of malnourishment, bruises or has an unusually large appetite
  • is accompanied by someone who has no obvious relationship to them
  • is unable to provide information about their destination or flight
  • gives a ‘rehearsed’ communication, or one lacking consistency
  • attempts to avoid interaction or communication altogether, and defers to the trafficker

Remember: Spotting one of these signs may not mean that someone is being exploited or trafficked, but seeing one should be a reason to be suspicious. The more signs you see, the more likely that this person is being controlled, exploited or trafficked.

What to do if you spot the signs

If you suspect that someone is being coerced and exploited, or you are yourself a victim of human trafficking, call your nearest local authorities.


Be part of the fight against human trafficking. If you see something suspicious locally, add to the global picture by downloading the STOP APP today.

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