Bespoke Training

Specialist training tailored to your requirements to help organisations tackle human trafficking

We offer bespoke training that enables your business, organisation or NGO to understand and prevent modern slavery in your sphere of work.

Modern slavery and human trafficking (MSHT) is a constantly evolving crime that demands an evolving training, updated in line with real-time changes in trafficking typologies, trends and routes. STOP THE TRAFFIK is uniquely positioned to deliver effective training powered by real case studies and intelligence garnered from our database, Traffik Analysis Hub, the largest global database on MSHT.

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STOP THE TRAFFIK is working to make human trafficking a high risk and low profit crime. This is only possible if communities at every level are equipped to spot the signs of trafficking and respond effectively.

Every sector and organisation is vulnerable to modern slavery risks in numerous, distinct ways. STT has trained over 37,000 individuals across financial institutions, businesses, statutory services, law enforcement, charities and councils.

Using our arsenal of intelligence, we offer services, tools and programs enabling your team to identify and disrupt modern slavery systemically. Our trainings, workshops, and courses work to:

  • Raise awareness and deepen understanding around MSHT and the business model on which this crime survives
  • Enable participants to spot the signs of human trafficking in their respective field, sector, location
  • Equip participants to respond to and mitigate risk

Additionally, we offer Train-the-Trainer sessions to help organisations to embed knowledge within their teams.

The type of work we deliver entirely depends on the audience. If you are a business or financial institution, please download an overview by clicking here. If you are a charity, council, NGO, or other organisation type, please click here.

Join the 37,000 people we have already trained. To submit an inquiry or booking request, please complete this form.

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