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We are in the business of eradicating modern slavery across your operations, driving the ‘S’ in your ESG strategy by providing actionable insights and advice.

Our Consulting Services

STOP THE TRAFFIK is a pioneer in modern slavery and human trafficking prevention. We work to unite people around the world by inspiring, informing, equipping, and mobilising communities to understand what human trafficking is, know how to identify it, and how to respond appropriately if they see it.

For over 10 years STOP THE TRAFFIK Group has been leading the way in advising businesses on how to mitigate the potential human rights abuses and modern slavery issues by risk mapping supply chains, advising on governance, providing awareness training, developing long-term strategies, and more. Our consulting aims to eradicate modern slavery across business operations by driving the ‘S’ in ESG and providing actionable insights and advice.

We offer bespoke solutions which enable your organisation to understand and manage the risk of modern slavery, create preventative solutions and ultimately support your organisation in becoming an ethical market leader.

Business Impact

Our consulting team has experience working with multiple industries including hospitality, financial services, retail, agriculture, manufacturing, and construction. We have risk mapped over 40,000 suppliers, reached nearly 100,000 people with our bespoke training and workshops, and analysed the supply chains of circa 200 companies.

We offer a range of services, bespoke to each business. Partners come to us at different stages in their journey to mitigate the risk of modern slavery. Working with us and we will help you embed you Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking strategy into your organisation. Our theory of change enables organisations to move from awareness to employee empowerment and towards industry-leading systemic change and best-practice.

What we do

Supply chain risk mapping

We help our partners to prioritise due diligence by identifying both the inherent and actual risks for modern slavery across the tiers of their supply chain. In doing so, we provide actionable recommendations on where businesses can improve policies, and ultimately, be proactive in changing supplier behaviour.

Using our tailored methodology, which aggregates both qualitative and quantitative data across 30 open-source data sets and the Centre for Intelligence-Led Prevention, our unique risk measure covers over 800 supplier sectors and is applicable across all jurisdictions.

Policy and compliance advice

We assist our partners in embedding a human rights-based approach into their operations by providing practical policy advice covering everything from contracts with suppliers to best practice HR policies.

We work to review existing policies, identify gaps and then develop new policies to ensure our partners are not only compliant but also leading change in approach to human rights across their operations.

Examples of policies we advise on include:

  • Human Rights Policy
  • Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Employment Contracts


Our training aims to improve employees’ awareness and knowledge of modern slavery and human trafficking, how it impacts their role and what their organisation expects from them regarding these risks.

Training packages are customised to match our partners’ needs and can also be tailored to specific teams across the organisation. Our team develops relevant case studies to identify the ways in which staff may come across incidences, the risks each team might face, and the common red flags associated with trafficking. We work with a number of industries including financial services, healthcare, hospitality and construction.

Prevention campaigns

To support our partners in taking proactive steps to not only eradicate but prevent modern slavery, we create and run prevention campaigns within their organisations as well as in the communities they work with.

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Partnering with STOP THE TRAFFIK enables your organisation to manage the risk of modern slavery, protect your brand and become an ethical market leader.

For more information, or to inquire about our services, contact our Consulting Team at consulting@stopthetraffik.org

Identifying Risk

STOP THE TRAFFIK is always looking at new ways to work with businesses to effectively address risk, which is why STOP THE TRAFFIK has jointly developed the SME Toolkit with the Shiva Foundation. This toolkit seeks to provide practical guidance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on how they can prevent modern slavery in their business operations. We recognise that many useful resources are available already and we provide reference to them in our further resources list, however, none of the existing free resources are designed specifically for SMEs; despite SMEs employing over 60% of those working within the private sector.

You can find out more information and download the full toolkit on our page for SMEs.

SME Toolkit

The Self-Assessment Scorecard

Anti-slavery organisations Shiva Foundation, Mekong Club and STOP THE TRAFFIK have collaborated to launch a self-assessment scorecard and accompanying guide to help local authorities mitigate the risks of modern slavery and exploitation in their operations and supply chains. This has been made possible thanks to funding from the Home Office.

The aim of the self-assessment scorecard and guidance is to act as a supporting framework for local authorities to begin their journey tackling modern slavery or build upon what they are already doing. We hope this resource will equip local authorities to tackle these changes head on and address modern slavery in their operations and supply chains.

Access the Self-Assessment Scorecard and Supporting Guidance
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