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The business engagement team provides consultancy services to a wide variety of external stakeholders, including: businesses, financial institutions and public organisations.

Since 2013, STOP THE TRAFFIK has partnered with businesses, financial institutions, and public organisations (such as local councils and the NHS), who want to address the risk of modern slavery in their operations, supply chains, and customer base.

We offer bespoke solutions that enable your organisation to understand and manage the risk of modern slavery, create solutions to better mitigate risk and ultimately support your organisation to become an ethical market leader.

By partnering with STOP THE TRAFFIK, organisations not only benefit from working with specialist advisors in both business and human rights who create bespoke, practical solutions. But also contribute to our wider work on disrupting human trafficking globally. 


STOP THE TRAFFIK supports organisations to develop and deliver their modern slavery prevention projects within a robust compliance framework, prioritising strategic steps to build on past achievements and reach internal reporting KPIs. Not every partner journey is the same however, and due to this, STOP THE TRAFFIK conducts scoping assessments with new partners to tailor each project pipeline for every orgnaisation accordingly. We also offer specific service offerings focused on risk assessment of financial transitions.


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STOP THE TRAFFIK are a peer to business. We equip them to understand and mitigate their risk of trafficking across their supply chain and organisation. We connect business to community to create resilient communities. By working in this manner STOP THE TRAFFIK aims to exceed a normal client – consultant relationship. Instead developing partnerships which fundamentally achieve best practice by introducing a culture of awareness rather than simply chasing to achieve compliance.


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Identifying Risk

STOP THE TRAFFIK is always looking at new ways to work with businesses to effectively address risk, which is why STOP THE TRAFFIK has jointly developed the SME Toolkit with the Shiva Foundation. This toolkit seeks to provide practical guidance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on how they can prevent modern slavery in their business operations. We recognise that many useful resources are available already and we provide reference to them in our further resources list, however, none of the existing free resources are designed specifically for SMEs; despite SMEs employing over 60% of those working within the private sector.

You can find out more information and download the full toolkit on our page for SMEs.

SME Toolkit

More information on specific business services.

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