Data Driven Solutions

How STOP THE TRAFFIK uses data and technology to prevent trafficking

We harness the power of people and technology to disrupt the illegal business of trafficking and create communities that are resilient to exploitation. We do this by collaborating with other NGOs, corporations, governments and law enforcement.

Technology at STOP THE TRAFFIK allows us to:

  • enable people to report suspicions or stories of human trafficking
  • visualise human trafficking incidents and movements around the globe
  • collect and search layered bespoke intelligence on human trafficking
  • share, clean and standardise HT intelligence for companies within specific sectors
  • use intelligence to target areas and vulnerable communities with bespoke campaigns
  • gather detailed information on specific areas of HT, storing securely within a cloud based database and visualising via up to the minute dashboards
  • work with a commitment to security, privacy and robust data


We are currently supporting the private and public sector with multiple data initiatives. If you would like to discuss a bespoke program of work or to use one of our existing tools then please get in touch with our information team at info@stopthetraffik.org.

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