Intelligence Services

A key element of creating resilience on a global scale is to make the scale and nature of the crime as transparent as possible to the widest appropriate audience.

What do we mean by intelligence?

Intelligence, in our context, is the combination of information from a range of sources that offers an analysis sufficient to guide activity or inspire action, either by ourselves or an appropriate party, to reduce vulnerability to traffickers or deliver safeguarding opportunities to those vulnerable.

How does STOP THE TRAFFIK collect this?

STT Group have invested heavily in technology, with superb support from big tech partners, to enable the collection of information on trafficking activity via The STOP APP and through the largest global collection of survivor narratives within the Traffik Analysis Hub. Because history repeats itself.

We are extremely fortunate to have on our staff team former law enforcement intelligence professionals and for the practice to be overseen and guided by the most exceptional group of senior intelligence specialists: Maj Gen John Patterson; Nicholas Fishwick; Dr Bill Peace; Suzanne Raine and Geraldine Lawlor.

What does STOP THE TRAFFIK do with intelligence?

We issue intelligence reporting to law enforcement and financial institutions and we plan to increase that service exponentially as we draw insight and opportunity from all of our work with vulnerable communities.

We have issued a series of threat assessments to a wide audience associated with our reading of the effect of the war in Ukraine and the people on the move, drawing on our analysis of the results of previous such mass movements (Rohynga and Syria). We will build on this authoritative reporting over the coming year.

Follow the link below to see a collection of our intelligence reports


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