Our Intelligence Services

We enrich and enhance intelligence to identify suspicious activity across trafficking routes and hotspots

Our Intelligence Services

At STOP THE TRAFFIK our team of highly experienced former law enforcement and intelligence specialists assess and produce specific intelligence on the issue of human trafficking and exploitation.

We use intelligence and insight driven out of our data warehouse (Traffik Analysis Hub) and our STOP APP to identify and target the most prevalent routes and dangerous hotspots. We work across several industries including financial services, law enforcement, NGOs and government agencies to stop the movement of illicit money.

​At STOP THE TRAFFIK, we share what we know, and we share this insight with our clients and partners. We put vulnerable people at the heart of our intelligence operation so that key actors can be identified and stopped.

What do we mean by intelligence?

Intelligence, in our context, is the combination of information from a range of sources that offers an analysis sufficient to guide activity or inspire action, either by ourselves or an appropriate party, to reduce vulnerability to traffickers or deliver safeguarding opportunities to those vulnerable people.

Intelligence is processed information (often from multiple sources).

Intelligence reporting is the combination of credible information with quality analysis, that has been evaluated and conclusions drawn.

Intelligence-led​ refers to the opportunity to report conclusions, investigate, conduct an intervention (to safeguard), or review policy and practice. We give practical advice to businesses and partners on where to look for traffickers and what action to take.

What is the impact of our intelligence services?

We provide intelligence tools for businesses and financial services enabling them to recognise where illegitimate profits are being laundered. By comparing transactions in a bank account in real-time to typical financial behaviours (sourced from the Traffik Analysis Hub) we develop typologies of traffickers. When our various typologies are combined, our tools provide a weighting to the results, and we can determine the chances of the person being a trafficker. 

We produce regular Key Judgement Reports which are high level intelligence reports and assessments for policy and practical guidance.

Our data-sharing initiatives close the gaps in modern slavery and human trafficking by enabling large-scale NGOs, Civil Society Organisations, businesses, and banks to share and extract data from our world-leading database, the Traffik Analysis Hub.

Our enriched data and our analysts will do several things:

  • inform our highly geo-targeted digital prevention campaigns aimed at vulnerable communities
  • hold powerful corporations and financial institutions to account through our consultancy work
  • enable our partner organisations to conduct intelligence-led projects and operations

With every partner or participant that is willing to share and extract data, we work together to improve the data gap on modern slavery and human trafficking allowing us to implement effective and specific action against it.

Where do we get our data?

The Traffik Analysis Hub ingests and displays data from a number of different sources, that can largely be broken down into two central categories.

First is our Subject Matter Expert (SME) Collections. This refers to the data we have ingested from organisations that operate and engage directly with survivors through on-the-ground prevention, rescue and/or rehabilitation.

Our second data source is that which we scrape from open-source data sources. With support from IBM, we have developed several automated programmes that run daily scrapes of key internet sources. These data sources include, RSS Data Feeds, social media feeds, Business of Interest Data, Law Enforcement Agency reports and OSInt (open-source intelligence). Our algorithms scrape over half a million information feeds every day.

How to get involved

Partner with STOP THE TRAFFIK Intelligence Services and work with us to help eradicate modern slavery and human trafficking from your operations.

Contact our Intelligence Services team directly for more information or to inquire about our services.

Email: info@stopthetraffik.org

Find our intelligence reports here.

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