Our Model

Intelligence-led approach

Utilising the power of people and technology, STOP THE TRAFFIK is working to prevent human trafficking globally through our innovative intelligence-led approach.   By shining a light on this hidden crime, and by building resilience in communities and businesses, we can change the low-risk high-reward environment that traffickers currently take advantage of.

Our Tactics

Human trafficking depends upon our ability to recruit at-risk communities, demand for their services, and the movement of the proceeds of crime through legitimate financial systems. This model is directed by our intelligence-led and data-driven approach, which guides targeted, specific action.

  • We hold partnerships with leading financial institutions, supporting them to find and squash laundered MSHT profits through their systems.
  • We provide bespoke business consultancy that holds million-pound corporations to account, giving them the tools to spot and eradicate MSHT in their supply chains.  
  • We launch geo-targeted social media campaigns informing high-risk groups how to spot the signs of trafficking, where to report it, and offering legitimate recruitment pathways.

Our overall strategy tackles the issue systemically by combining each stream of work.

With this unique, 360˚ view of trafficking, we are changing the high profit, low-risk environment of trafficking and squeezing the criminal business to zero profit.

Intelligence-led prevention

Through radical collaboration, sharing with partners, and our Traffik Analysis Hub, we are building a global picture of human trafficking. This global picture shows routes, hotspots and trends of trafficking that are used to prevent people being trafficked in communities around the world.

A Hybrid Structure

At STOP THE TRAFFIK, we know that its international businesses, worldwide financial institutions and far-reaching social media platforms that have the greatest influence in affecting human behaviour.

Where trafficking operates globally, we work with these institutions at scale to start pushing towards real trafficking prevention.

We weave our human mission with a modus operandi that considers the corporate world, thereby marrying business strategy with the heart of charity. Applying a relentless fast pace to our work, we continue to keep up with some of the major players in the corporate world, delivering meaningful, mutually beneficial partnerships that end modern slavery.

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