For change to be sustainable we are reliant on collaboration

Collaboration is vital if we are to be successful in preventing human trafficking, it is not something that the government and or NGOs can do alone. We need to combine the skill, experience and resource from a variety of partners globally to make prevention truly effective.


A key component to the great strides we are making in prevention is our partnerships. STOP THE TRAFFIK work with many organisations both globally and locally to build resilience to human trafficking. Our partners are committed to building resilience within their organisations, across their sectors and within communities globally. Below are examples of our collaboration and the importance of partnerships.


We partner with a number of tech companies who provide us with analyst software, secure database storage and specialist analytical support. IBM, for example, with their Watson technology, are leading the way in prevention efforts using data and intelligence. Their partnership has been paramount in the development of our intelligence-led approach. Another influential technology partnership is with Red Compass who contribute towards scaling our analytical capabilities. 

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions, with their global positioning and knowledge of financial crime, have a unique angle in which they can prevent traffickers operating and have the ability to reach millions who use their branches and services daily. By analysing financial crime data we can identify trafficking globally and disrupt traffickers money flows. Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group and Western Union are part of the International Data Hub, a combined effort to tackle human trafficking. 

Law enforcement

Law enforcement play a central role in keeping a community safe and preventing crime. We work with law enforcement globally, through community coordination in the UK, running awareness campaigns, sharing experience, knowledge and intelligence, and in reporting and referring specific cases of human trafficking.

Law Enforcement

NGOs and community groups

We partner with many NGOs and community groups that are dedicated to providing services to communities that support those that are trafficked – through rescue and rehabilitation – and the vulnerable – through awareness raising, the provision of education, job opportunities, healthcare, housing, and community support. NGOs and community groups partner with us in a variety of different ways, including data sharing, collaboration on awareness campaigns and community resilience alongside our community coordinators.


Funding from charitable trusts and foundations is vitally important to STOP THE TRAFFIK, enabling us to build communities that are resilient to human trafficking and modern slavery. We would like to thank all the organisations that support us.


Communication is important in any effort to raise awareness and ensure individuals stay safe and know how to respond to human trafficking. Our communication partners support all our activities by providing training, resource and experience to hone our messaging to make the greatest impact possible. 

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