Prevention Programs

We run high impact prevention programs that stop modern slavery and human trafficking before it’s even begun.

While support and care for survivors is paramount, ending MSHT will only come when these efforts are supplemented by a targeted prevention methodology.

Why prevention?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Prevention is cheaper, more sustainable and more wide-reaching than rescue. We use our world-leading database, the TA Hub, to move upstream, targeting interventions at the root.


Social Media Campaigns

Trafficking relies upon the recruitment of at-risk communities. No one willingly enters exploitation, and we arm at-risk groups with the information they need prevent modern slavery and trafficking as it relates to their specific environment. Our social media campaigns use the power of digital to spread information to the people who need it most, telling them how to spot the signs of trafficking, where to report it and offer alternative recruitment pathways where appropriate. Through our partnership with Meta, we geo-target bespoke messaging that remains relevant and responsive to ever-changing trafficking trends.

By flooding social media channels commonly used by traffickers to recruit, we are reducing the numbers of those at-risk and disrupting the platform upon which traffickers heavily rely.

Between Aug 2020-Sept 2021, we launched 15 prevention campaigns in 18 countries reaching 2,833,063 people our data showed to be at risk of trafficking.


Business and Financial Institution Consultancy

Trafficking also depends on legitimate financial pathways through which to launder the proceeds of crime, and businesses that demand supply for goods using modern slavery in their supply chain. We hold partnerships with leading financial institutions, supporting them to find and squash laundered MSHT profits through their systems. We provide bespoke business consultancy that holds million-pound corporations to account, giving them the tools to spot and eradicate MSHT in their supply chains.


Join the movement. Contact us at info@stopthetraffik.org

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