Traffik Analysis Hub

What is Traffik Analysis Hub?

STOP THE TRAFFIK and our long-term technology partner, IBM, have created the first ever international data hub to facilitate the sharing of information about human trafficking across all industries and sectors. The Traffik Analysis Hub (TAHub) is a partnership that includes financial institutions, NGOs, law enforcement and government agencies who are all unified by the common goal of sharing data to stop human trafficking. Using advanced cognitive technologies developed by IBM, the TAHub will facilitate the sharing of information quickly and easily and combine multiple data sets in one secure system.

IBM has donated a significant grant to make this a reality and will use AI technology to quickly analyse and process volumes of data from a variety of sources; while ensuring its security and integrity.

TA Hub's mission

Our mission is to unite partners in order to disrupt human trafficking. We can and we must work together to stop human trafficking. And technology in today’s advanced world allows us to find and disrupt the core of global trafficking through rescue, disruption of networks and elimination of profits.

How does it work

The multiple data sets will be overlaid with public, open source data to deliver a single repository of information – a virtual community of intelligence on where trafficked victims come from, how they get where they are, and in which regions and industries they are most likely to end up working. Financial organisations, for example, can use this new information to identify where people are financially benefiting from this activity, and then design processes that make it more risky for them to do so.

Want to know more?

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