Utilising the power of people and technology, STOP THE TRAFFIK is working to prevent human trafficking globally through our innovative intelligence-led approach. By shining a light on this hidden crime, and by empowering communities and businesses, we can change the environment and increase the risk to the trafficker and the safety of the vulnerable.   

Intelligence-led prevention

Through radical collaboration and sharing with partners, we are building a global picture of human trafficking. This global picture will show hotspots and trends of trafficking and allow us to extract meaningful data that can then be used to prevent people being trafficked in communities around the world.

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Our aim through this work is to build resilience into communities; to empower individuals, organisations and agencies to make more informed and better choices, to signpost them to safe and secure places to get help, support and advice and to encourage appropriate response and reporting. 

Building resilience

STOP THE TRAFFIK have developed a number of products and community tools that seek to empower and build resilience.

Through collaboration with businesses, financial services organisations, law enforcement agencies, civil society and a team of volunteer and employed researchers we are collecting data about human trafficking. Additional data is collected through the STOP APP, first developed in 2015 as a tool giving individuals an opportunity to contribute to this global picture of human trafficking. Through the analysis of this trafficking data, we are developing intelligence products and tools to support the resilience of communities and sectors.

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We are producing geo-targeted awareness campaigns, working with partners to reach those vulnerable to human trafficking like never before, shining a light on how trafficking looks like in their location, who they can approach for support and how they can respond appropriately.

The intelligence we receive also allows us to create bespoke training, resources, and consultancy services to health services, law enforcement, businesses and banks that seek to understand the risk in their supply chain, improve operations procedures, equip frontline staff, and mitigate the risk of human trafficking happening in each organisation and across sectors. 

STOP THE TRAFFIK’s community coordinators work in multi-agency teams in the UK, to provide a targeted response to human trafficking from within the community itself. 

Integral to any response to this crime, and especially our intelligence-led approach, is collaboration. If we are to STOP human trafficking, we need to work together, across and bridging sectors, both globally and locally, combining influence, skill, experience and resource. 

Model of disruption

The downloadable model of disruption below, shows an overview of our intelligence-led model. STOP THE TRAFFIK is changing the environment by increasing the risk to the traffickers and increasing safe places for the vulnerable. 

Disrupting Human Trafficking


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