Preventing human trafficking through evidenced disruption

Our mission is to leverage the power of digital disruption to undermine the business of trafficking and improve the safety and choice of those targeted. Take a look at what we’ve achieved so far.

Our data-led approach

  • We created the most granular global human trafficking database, incorporating multi-sector partner and open source data into our own dataset to aggregate over 60,000 records
  • We analysed this global data to identify hotspots and trends that drive STOP THE TRAFFIK’s campaign activity and intelligence-led approach
  • We shared 190 actionable intelligence reports with local and international law enforcement agencies, government bodies, financial institutions and NGOs

Our campaigns

We deliver awareness-raising campaigns, targeted to the people who need them most, in numerous languages and across continents.

The results

  • We’ve delivered campaigns in 9 countries across 3 continents
  • Over 2.4 million children and adults reached in Kenya campaign
  • 76% of those reached in Croydon, UK became aware of their labour rights
  • Local partners reported an increase in calls for support and advice across all campaigns

Businesses and the fight against trafficking

We support businesses to eradicate modern slavery from their supply chains. If you are interested in our business and consultancy work, learn more here.

Our impact

  • We trained 20,000 people through face-to-face and eLearning programmes.
  • We’ve mapped over £5 billion worth of procurement spend, across 33,000 suppliers. 
  • We led on the inclusion of the supply chain amendment to the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Focus on: Whitbread PLC

Whitbread is a British multinational hotel and restaurant company, employing 50,000 people. We worked with them to calculate the risk of modern slavery from their supply chains.

Whitbread has now implemented policy and practice changes that drastically reduce the risk to its business and people including guests, employees, suppliers and their communities.

“We’re proud of how our programme to tackle the risks of human trafficking and forced labour has gone. The successes to date are testimony to our working partnership with STOP THE TRAFFIK.”

– Rosana Elias, Head of Responsible Sourcing, Whitbread

Our monitoring, learning and evaluation

Our approach is one of adaptive learning. We constantly improve our model and build evidence that preventative action and community resilience lead to the systematic disruption of human trafficking.

Take a look at our recent monitoring and evaluation reports below.

An external evaluation of our awareness-raising campaign in Lithuania and Lincolnshire, UK. The research was undertaken by Humankind Research.

Read the Full Report
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Our 2017-2018 Annual Report outlines some of our biggest achievements during this time.

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