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STOP THE TRAFFIK is working to disrupt and prevent human trafficking by raising awareness, informing and equipping individuals, organisations and communities to take action to combat this horrific global crime. 

Monitoring, evaluation & learning approach

STOP THE TRAFFIK’s work is intelligence-led through the collection, analysis and sharing of trafficking data from diverse streams, with the goal of encouraging and influencing the disruption of Human Trafficking within local communities. Learning is an essential part of our disruption model, and we apply it rigorously to our work too. Our Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) approach is one of adaptive learning, aimed at evaluating and improving our model and building evidence that preventative action and community resilience leads to the systematic disruption of human trafficking.

Responding to human trafficking

Through intelligence-led prevention, we are working with a wide variety of partners to build resilience within communities and sectors to human trafficking. Resilient communities are those that ‘respond appropriately’ to human trafficking in their everyday lives. For communities to become resilient, they need to first be aware of human trafficking and what it looks like, and then be appropriately equipped to respond.

An appropriate response is constructed around context. It can be the identification of risk in a supply chain or a financial flow; a report to the local law enforcement or modern slavery/human trafficking helpline, or; asking a recruiter the right questions, informing a potential victim’s decision making.

2017-2018 Report

We’re proud to present our 2017-2018 report, illustrating our work and achievements over the past two years. We’ve reached millions of people around the world through targeted social media awareness campaigns, trained thousands of frontline employees in banks, healthcare, NGOs and businesses and recommended changes that were incorporated into the Modern Slavery Act Amendment Review. To read the report and learn more about our work and achievements please click the link below.

2017-2018 Report

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