Theory of Change


STOP THE TRAFFIK’s work is intelligence-led through the collection, analysis and sharing of trafficking data from diverse streams, with the goal of encouraging and influencing the disruption of MSHT within local communities. Learning is an essential part of our disruption model, and we apply it rigorously to our work too. Our Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) approach is one of adaptive learning, aimed at evaluating and improving our model and building evidence that preventative action and community resilience leads to the systematic disruption of human trafficking.

For this purpose, STOP THE TRAFFIK has developed a Theory of Change (ToC) to articulate its innovative model of human trafficking prevention. The theory of change is embedded fully into the management and operation of STOP THE TRAFFIK and the Centre for Intelligence-Led Prevention (CfILP) and informs both our strategic planning and our MEL processes. The model, and particularly the causality assumptions within it, is under continuous review and is being adapted as our understanding of causality is enhanced.

Theory of Change
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