World Refugee Day

Tomorrow, June 20th, we recognise World Refugee Day – a day dedicated to raising awareness about the plight of refugees worldwide and honouring the strength and courage of all of those forced to flee their homes.

We want to remind the world that refugees are not merely statistics or labels; they are individuals with dreams, aspirations, and unique stories of resilience. They are doctors, teachers, artists, and entrepreneurs who, due to circumstances beyond their control, find themselves away from home, seeking refuge and protection.

This year, the UN has chosen the theme for the day to be ‘’Hope away from home. A world where refugees are always included.’’ Finding hope away from home can be a significant challenge for refugees.

The journey of refugees does not end once they reach the host country or community. Instead, challenges remain, with many refugees having to face barriers to access fundamental rights, hostility and discrimination, social exclusion and lack of support networks. These are the conditions that traffickers look to take advantage and capitalise while they prey on their victims.

Refugee experiences differ. But refugees are united through this feeling of hope away from home. While finding hope may be challenging, we recognise that it can be found through personal resilience, supportive communities, access to safety information and resources – and the belief in the potential for a better tomorrow.

The collective efforts of individuals, communities, and organisations play a crucial role in fostering an environment where refugees can find hope and build a new life.

On this day, our message is clear – every day is refugee day, and every day we are committed to working for a world where all refugees are safe and protected from exploitation.

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